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About Us

There must be a better way

Granyt is built on decades of experience, and we believe there is a better way for finance to support energy transition.

Our manifesto


Finance should help, not hinder climate transition.


Technology should speed up decision making - the planet is is pressed for time.


Businesses that take steps to safeguard the future now should be rewarded not penalised.

Granyt is a financial technology company that develops innovative B2B and capital market products that accelerate climate change.

Meet the team

Caroline and Bernard, the two co-founders, met years ago working on a large infrastructure debt deal. Increasingly alarmed about the slow pace of energy transition they decided to stop talking about the better way and start to build it.

  • Caroline Haynes
    CEO, Co-Founder

    Caroline is our CEO. For decades she has obsessed about how to help businesses expand and scale in order to drive economic growth. She has worked in portfolio risk modelling, designed new financial services products, advised UK Government on fiscal and macro economic policy, and latterly worked in infrastructure finance, structuring private debt transactions. Like many people she got to the point where she was so concerned by the lack of action on energy transitions and how little was being done to support businesses during the cost of living crisis, she threw in her job , called Bernard, and co-founded Granyt.

  • Bernard Yu
    COO/CFO, Co-Founder

    Bernard is our COO/CFO. He grew up in Australia and trained in one of the Big 4 accounting firms and has worked in finance, telecommunications, energy, consumer products, and technology (KPMG, Balfour Beatty Investments, BT, Rubix Venture Partners). He helped ideate and develop a sustainable rice business (pre-cursor to Nice Rice whilst at Rubix). He has joined Caroline at Granyt to help UK businesses decarbonise and become energy independent.

Our Software stack

Granyt uses tech, data and automation to develop proprietary credit scoring algorithms, seamless customer interfaces and a suite of tailored software applications that put borrowers and installers at the centre.

We are Venture Backed

Granyt’s investors are helping us grow from our first watts to thousands of megawatts.

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